Latest Medical Sticker Haul

This is my lastest haul from @planyourspoons

Not only do you receive the story behind the spoonie theory, but you’ll also receive one of these beautiful charms that the shop owner makes personally.

And how cute is my little chibi character, she looks just like me right??

Use the code Jocklyn20 , this will not only save you 20%off of your entire purchase, but you will also receive a free customized sampler sheet featuring some of my favorite and most used stickers.

#spoonie #chronicillnesssucks #chronicillness #livingwithchronicillness #invisibleillness #youdontlooksick

Also, please share with any friends or family that you feel could really benefit from these life saving items!

Website: http://www.planyourspoons.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/planyourspoons
Instagram: @planyourspoons

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